Information for Incoming Postdocs

We all know a new start at the next level of life is affiliated with a plethora of questions. Don’t worry! You will get help! If you have any questions, contact your EPA representative or the EPA co-chairs. They will help you!

Upon your arrival at Einstein, the key person for you to contact is your departmental administrator. You PI should assist in locating this individual. He/she will initiate the many essential steps necessary to integrate you into your new department and Einstein. Some of these steps are: getting you on payroll, applying for your email account, helping you to organize your housing, and setting up your medical exam.

Make sure to ask your administrator or EPA Departmental Rep about the Postdoc Survival Kit; many departments at Einstein participate. If your Department does not have one, the EPA co-chairs can also provide one. The Survival kit is an EPA project, and supplies the essentials for the first few days in your new apartment: an air mattress, dishes, bathroom and laundry supplies, etc. After a few days, when you no longer need the kit, we ask that you replenish any supplies you used and return the kit to your administrator or your department rep. That way, it is ready for the next incoming postdoc. The Departmental Rep will also welcome you with an EPA mug.

Make sure to check out our handbook. It contains all the information to facilitate your arrival at Einstein. EPAHandbook_July 2018.pdf

Additionally, the EPA uses the Einstein mail manager (mailman) to maintain the email list of its members. The list is moderated and may be used to send out info about moving sales, apartments for rent in the neighborhood, publicize events, etc. Go to EPA mailing list and type in your information. The moderators will then get an email notifying of a request of subscription. It should be approved within a few hours.