What is a Renter's insurance?

  • Renters insurance covers the cost of your belongings in the event of damage, theft, etc.  It might also cover your stay in a hotel in case apartment gets damaged by certain types of events such as a fire.
  • Coverage depends on your insurance policy: it is strongly recommended that you do your research before you buy one, and are aware of what is covered.
  • The cost is in the range $7-$20 per month.  Some companies charge on a per year basis, but still within that limit.
  • All major insurance companies have renters insurance options. It is a really good way to protect yourself and your belongings, and may give you peace of mind in case anything unexpected happens.
  • Note that in the lease contract with Einstein, it is stated that Einstein is not liable for any loss, property damage, or injury, unless caused by negligence of AECOM housing.

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