Alex Mihnev
Housing Commitee Member & Welcome Committee Member


Alex Mihnev is a postdoc in Dr. Roger Chang's lab in the Department of Systems & Computational Biology. As a computational biologist, Alex's work focuses on modeling the effects of free radicals on enzyme function and cell metabolism using data science and experimental techniques.

Interestingly, Alex previously lived in Scotland for 10 years and speaks 3-4 languages. He enjoys being out and about, sometimes participating in adventure challenges like crossing the Scottish Highlands on a "Citi Bike", cycling 300 miles dressed as Pikachu, traveling through Iceland in the dead of winter for a pic of the Aurora. He is currently trying to pick up film-making and sailing.

Alex is trying to improve the quality of life of postdocs as a recent member of the Housing Committee, which is the communications link between Belfer and Einstein Housing. He welcomes complaints and suggestions about the Rhinelander residence. He will also be helping Yuval Zolotov in the Welcome Committee which coordinates and organizes the framework for welcoming new postdocs to our community.