Michael Papanicolaou
New York City Postdoc Coalition Rep.

michael.papanicolaou @einsteinmed.edu

Michael Papanicolaou is a postdoc in the Aguirre-Ghiso Lab in the department of Cell Biology.  As a cancer biologist, Michael focuses on understanding how metastatic breast cancer cells remain dormant at distal sites.

Outside of the lab, Michael serves as a representative for Einstein for the New York City Postdoc Coalition (NYCPC). In his spare time, Michael likes to read and be active.As a member of the New York City Postdoc Coalition, Michael is passionate about advocating for Einstein Postdocs. He is always open to suggestions on how the quality of life and how career prospects can be improved as a Postdoc at Einstein.

On the weekends, you can find him in the outdoors hiking, or surfing, and meeting up with friends.