Ritesh K. Aggarwal
Senate Council Rep. & Coffee Hour Coordinator

ritesh.aggarwal @einsteinmed.edu

Ritesh K. Aggarwal rebooted his career in 2019 at Einstein as a Cancer Biologist. As a postdoc in Dr. Amit Verma's lab, he has been working working in the department of Cancer Biology for the past four years. In his work, Ritesh is a metabolomics person, focusing primarily on bacteria 

Among all of the EPA-related activities, you can also find him playing Cricket, some video games, or Tennis, or enjoying his time with his beautiful family.

For the year 2023, Ritesh continues to represent the postdocs at the Einstein Senate Council to the Einstein Faculty Senate. As a member of the Einstein Postdoc Association (EPA), and along with other EPA members, he leads the team that organizes the super fun International Coffee hour that we so enjoy. BUT... that's not all!! He's also the Manager and a board member of the newest Einstein Cricket Team - and is looking for new members to join!