Postdoc Appreciation Week

Postdoc appreciation week: Co-organized with the Belfer Institute. Every year, all institutions around the US celebrate theirs postdocs by organizing special events and gathering. More information on the National Postdoc Association website.

Starting in September 2018, the Postdoctoral Outstanding Service Award will be awarded annually to a postdoctoral fellow, recognizing his/her outstanding service to the postdoctoral community at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Candidates include volunteering with the Einstein Postdoctoral Association (EPA), service on Einstein committees or in the Senate, and volunteering with or organizing other postdoc-related events. The award recipient is honored during Postdoc Appreciation week. 

Past recipients of Einstein Postdoctoral Service Award:

- Dr. Lorenza Favrot, EPA co-chair (January 2017-September 2018)